Bulk Add Registrants when creating meeting

API endpoint:
POST /users/{userId}/meetings

Extend to optionally accept a collection of registrants.

Proposed Request Body:
“topic”: “string”,
“type”: “integer”,

“settings”: {
“host_video”: “boolean”,
“participant_video”: “boolean”,

“registrants”: [

We create a LOT of meetings while provisioning classes. Adding each registrant separately results in tens of thousands of API calls and, after throttling our API calls to avoid exceeding the rate limit, takes a very long time to process. This change would cut our API calls by over 90%, dramatically reduce the time required for meeting setup and reduce the load on the Zoom servers.

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Hi @brobertson,

Thank you for your feedback.

I will add this as a feature request, and if approved, our Engineering Team may consider to add these in the future releases.

You can follow our changelog and developer roadmap to see the latest updates.


Hi @ojus.zoom is there any follow up on this feature request?


Hey @chamathpali,

No updates yet. It is in our backlog to be developed. (ZOOM-62992)



Hey @tommy,

Thanks for your revert. Eagerly waiting for this feature.


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You are welcome! Thanks for your interest in this feature. :slight_smile:


Any update for this and when we can expect this feature to release?

Hey @edgarchan,

While this is still on our roadmap, we don’t yet have a concrete timeline. (ZOOM-62992)

You can stay up to date on our releases here in the meantime.


I would find it really useful if some of the distinctions between how registrations are handled between meetings and webinars were erased, so the same functionality to upload registrants to meetings existed, but also that the number of registrants to a meeting could be capped. This would be particularly useful for a series of meetings where you want to cap participants.

Hey @david.zoomuser,

Thanks for sharing this feedback, and this is a great suggestion. If you’re so inclined, I might recommend also posting this as a feature request here: #feature-requests