Business Account API concurrent host meetings

Hi, with Business Account with API key (using for Web SDK and API),

  1. is it possible to create multiple concurrent meetings as much as hosts of that account allowed with one API key?

  2. If it is possible, using JWT and different host’s user id are sufficient?

For now, I can get user id by first getting it from this API:

Using that response and use for creating meeting with API:{userid}/meetings

  1. Is there anywhere in zoom account page to retrieve that user id?

  2. Is it possible to add a Pro user into under a Business account, does Business account need to add/ buy an additional host? Lets say, the Business account already has 10 host accounts already filled with other user accounts.

  3. What happen to the Pro User that being added to the Business account.

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Hey @fadli,

Yes, but only one host can be in one meeting at a time.


Yes, you can get the userID in the url when clicking on a user here:

You will need to buy additional licenses if you have used all of yours.

Can you be more specific about this question?