Button 'cancel' missing, when you click on 'Claim Host' (Web Meeting SDK 2.5.0)

for meetings with settings

  • no Waiting Room
  • Allow participants to join anytime

there is a third button “Claim Host” on the participants panel bottom right

if you click the button there is no way back - there is no cancel button !

if have tested it with Web Meeting SDK 2.4.5 and 2.5.0 - same results

here is the solution from the normal zoom webpage (without Meeting SDK)

=> cancel button exists



Thank you for calling attention to this behavior. I will do some testing on my end and submit a bug ticket if reproducible.

not fixed in 2.6.0, but I hope for 2.7



Thanks for reporting this @j.schoenemeyer! I am testing this on my end and not seeing the same button. The SDK version I am using is Web SDK 2.5.0 and here is the screenshot of the UI:

I’ve configured the meeting as mentioned, however, I am seeing the unmute button where the claim host button appears in your screenshot. Perhaps I am missing something, let me know if anything else should be set.

(I will also test with the latest version. )

Tested with Web SDK 2.6.0 and did not see the same button. This time around, instead of joing as participant, I joined as host and I was able to see a reclaim host` button, still am not seeing the claim host button shown in your screenshot. Here a screenshot of the UI :

the button “claim host” in the partitipant panel you only see for meeting

  • with property “Allow participants to join anytime
  • the joined partitipant no not a host
  • and no host is yet in the meeting ← !!!

with 2.5 and 2.6 the button “claim host” ist visible



Thanks for the additional details @j.schoenemeyer! This certainly seems like a bug. I’ve gone ahead and placed a ticket to have it addressed [ZSEE-60392]. Please follow our changes logs for updates.