How to hide leave button on meeting just for host

Hello, I want to ask how to implement this function
which I found at : ZOOM Windows SDK: IMeetingUIElemConfiguration Class Reference

my case is I want to remove the leave button on the meeting page only for the host role. so when a user joins as a host there will only be an end meeting for all, but when a user joins as an attendee, the leave button is not lost.

I’m confused where to put the EnableLeaveMeetingOptionForHost() function in which file.

i am using zoom web sdk version 1.9.6
what i want to ask is, is there a similar function in zoom web sdk?


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Hi @agus.wiranata ,

Thank you for your inquiry. Please reference this forum post for the solution: I don't want to use leaveurl on meeting end (Meeting End without refreshing page due to data loss) - #2 by tommy

Additionally, here are the Web SDK function docs: ZoomMtg - Documentation

Let me know how this works out!


Hi Gianni,

Thank you for answering my question.
For this case, I ended up using a little trick, I triggered the end meeting function when the leave button was clicked.

and I have 1 other question, when the user has another meeting that is still active, can a button to end the other meeting be added to the popup in picture 1?

#Picture 1

this function is similar to zoom if opened through a browser directly or using zoom desktop app as in picture 2.

#Picture 2

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Hey @agus.wiranata,

Good question! In theory, this is something that you could accomplish but modifying the UI isn’t currently supported by the Web SDK. This is something we plan to add in the future but in the meantime, if you add a custom button, you can use the Update Meeting Status API.


Hey Max,

Thanks for the advice, very helpful.
I have tried and applied, and it works well.

Can’t wait for the latest version of Zoom Web SDK.

Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback @agus.wiranata — we hope to have more flexibility to offer soon!

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