Button 'cancel' missing, when you click on 'Claim Host' (Web Meeting SDK 2.5.0)

for meetings with settings

  • no Waiting Room
  • Allow participants to join anytime

there is a third button “Claim Host” on the participants panel bottom right

if you click the button there is no way back - there is no cancel button !

if have tested it with Web Meeting SDK 2.4.5 and 2.5.0 - same results

here is the solution from the normal zoom webpage (without Meeting SDK)

=> cancel button exists



Thank you for calling attention to this behavior. I will do some testing on my end and submit a bug ticket if reproducible.

not fixed in 2.6.0, but I hope for 2.7



Thanks for reporting this @j.schoenemeyer! I am testing this on my end and not seeing the same button. The SDK version I am using is Web SDK 2.5.0 and here is the screenshot of the UI:

I’ve configured the meeting as mentioned, however, I am seeing the unmute button where the claim host button appears in your screenshot. Perhaps I am missing something, let me know if anything else should be set.

(I will also test with the latest version. )

Tested with Web SDK 2.6.0 and did not see the same button. This time around, instead of joing as participant, I joined as host and I was able to see a reclaim host` button, still am not seeing the claim host button shown in your screenshot. Here a screenshot of the UI :

the button “claim host” in the partitipant panel you only see for meeting

  • with property “Allow participants to join anytime
  • the joined partitipant no not a host
  • and no host is yet in the meeting ← !!!

with 2.5 and 2.6 the button “claim host” ist visible



Thanks for the additional details @j.schoenemeyer! This certainly seems like a bug. I’ve gone ahead and placed a ticket to have it addressed [ZSEE-60392]. Please follow our changes logs for updates.

with Web Meeting SDK 2.70 the buttons are there, but there is another problem with translation

not translated to german (any any another language)

  • “Enter host key to claim host”
  • “Enter 6-10 digit host key”

button text to long

  • “Den Host beanspruchen”: used in two buttons - one with dynamic width (ok), on with fixed width (to long)

UPDATE: there are other texts that are not translated “Settings” + “Everyone”

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