C# API automation for deleting the cloud recordings using OAuth

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I have created OAuth app in zoom and I am trying to develop an application that can delete the cloud recordings after they are moved to a safer location. I also have webhook that triggers when recordings are complete which works fine.

I was able to successfully do this action through post man. I am trying to develop an API in C# which can automate this process. I have client id n secret. But I am unable to authenticate in the API. Can you please provide a way to do it in C#? What exactly is redirect url going? (I created a Post request in controller and deployed to my DEV and added that url as redirect url - please confirm if this is correcT)

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Hi, @pavani.kokkiragadda,

Thank you for posting – I am happy to help! To start, can you share the C# script used to authenticate the API? Also, I kindly ask can you share any errors you encounter when running your script?

The redirect will go to the URL that you have provided in the Marketplace App configuration.

Redirect URL for OAuth