OAuth2.0 Authorization Step 1

I’m trying OAuth to request access token

When I Launch the Authorize URL, I got an error

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

I got this link from the install button

Thanks for helps.

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Chen Rui

Just benefit the new as me,

I add the redirect URL to whitelist, it works.


Chen Rui

Glad it works @chenrui, this is correct - you will need to add a Redirect URL to your whitelist.

Let us know if we can help!

Hi Michael

Thanks for your response.

This is first time I’m working on ZOOM API. Appreciate all your helps.

I’m working on a web application witch allow SUSS staff to search ZOOM recordings by Keywords within SUSS account.

  1. to do this searching, what the scope needed for my client settings?
  2. what are the API should I use, I cannot find a “searching” API in the document.

Thanks in advance for your help. Looking for your response.

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Chen Rui

Hey @chenrui,

You will need to use the List Users API, but it does not support searching, so you will have to implement the search logic on your end.


Hi Tommy

thanks for your help!

when I use list recordings API, I can get recordings for 30 days only. is that correct, or I do something wrong?

Looking forwards to hear from you.

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Chen Rui

Hey @chenrui,

See my post here: