C# Wrapper SDK Initialization Failure

HI All,

I got the zoom_sdk_demo app working. It runs, initializes, authenticates and starts meetings correctly but the exact same code in our application fails on initialization. I receive an error


which seems to suggest that i have the wrong app key and secret but those aren’t even passed in to the init function. 

I have a suspicion it something related to how the wrapper is incorporated into the project but i can’t find any clear instructions on how that is done. 

Any help would be really appreciated.

Typical right after I ask the question I figure out the solution. 

The zoom SDK files had been added to a build folder and the “Copy To Output Directory” property of the files set to “Copy Always”. They weren’t actually added to the bin folder. Manually copying the files directly to the bin folder fixed the issue.

I’ll leave the post here so someone can learn from my mistakes.

Hi DXC_Devs_Zoom,

Please give me brief about the solution how you can overcome that one.

Hey @ramprasad,

Are you receiving an invalid parameter error?