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I am keep getting “SDKERR_MODULE_LOAD_FAILED” after i update to latest version.

        InitParam param = new InitParam();
        if (!TalkkangSettings.Settings.Singleton.EnableGalleryView)
            // when galleryview disabled -> false 
            param.config_opts.optionalFeatures = (1 << 5);
        param.web_domain = "https://zoom.us";
        param.enable_log = true;
        SDKError initializeError = CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.Initialize(param);

Everthing works totally fine with demo project but when i try to implement dll to my own project it keep on giving me that FAILED message. The old sdk version( work totally fine.

What i did was i build the sdk from demo project and copy zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap.dll with all other files to my project.

I also follow this board but still not working

Even i create new project, and implemented latest wrapper but still not working…keep getting “SDKERR_MODULE_LOAD_FAILED” error… however sdk initialize totally fine with sample_project.

Please helpme…

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