Call "Get meeting" API endpoint from a Zoom App

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
GET /meetings/{meetingId} (ref)

Sometimes in our Zoom App we do not receive the webhook for Meeting Information or Participant Information (or it arrives not within the time frame acceptable for us) and we want to proactively request this information from the API if we didn’t receive the event.

Can we call this endpoint from a Zoom App?

Hi @asielup,

REST API calls are not allowed from a Zoom App front-end and require server-to-server communication.

You can read more about our API’s here Introduction to Zoom API

Let me know if you have any further questions !

Hi @ron - I work with Asiel and wanted to follow up. This doesn’t answer our question.

We want to make these calls server-to-server using the Zoom App credentials.

Our app needs Meeting and Participation details, but we see inconsistency in the timing and delivery of Zoom Events for these two pieces of information. Can we use the GET /meetings/{meetingId} endpoint if our Zoom App has the Meeting Read scope?

As a follow-up, what can we do about participant information?

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