Endpoint to retrieve a meeting summary doesn't work unless I'm the host of the meeting even if I'm admin

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

I’m an admin and I’m trying to retrieve all summaries from all meetings for every user in my organization.

If I make an API request for a meeting summary, I get a response but it doesn’t contain the details of the summary, and I only get a summary (details, next steps) if it’s a meeting that I hosted. Considering that I can see the summaries from the Admin section inside the platform, I would like to retrieve those via API.

Hi @danielolarte
Thanks for reaching out to us!
It depends on what app type are you using to call the endpoint
If you are using a user-level app to generate an access token and make the call, then it is expected that you are only getting yours.
I recommend you to try this either with the Server to Server Oauth app or an Admin level Oauth app

Perfect, thank you so much. I just tried the new flow to create apps and made it admin managed and it’s working as expected. Thanks for your help.

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