Call Quality Programmtic API


  1. Similar to, is it possible to query call quality of our customer’s calls using their authorized OAuth2 token, which we will secure, per customer, via our user interface ?

  2. Besides broad overall quality designations (good, average etc.) per device, codec, isp, network, is there a way to query quality per modality (audio, video, screenshare) via API ?

  3. Is it possible to subscribe to quality related alerts and events of customer’s calls; for ex., event for screen share quality degraded 40% below normal ?


Hi @pkmist128 ,

It is not advised practice for accounts to share their OAuth credentials.

If you want supported access to information on their account, it is best to create and publish an OAuth app with scoped access to the API endpoints you’re seeking that your customer accounts can install.

If the customers are subaccounts and yours is a master account, then you would be able to access this info through the Master account APIs.

Try some of the QoS endpoints:

Here is an API event that can be helpful:

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Hi @gianni.zoom,
Thank you.
On the respective questions:

  1. We are not sharing OAuth2 credentials. We wil be using OAuth2 authorization code flow to get our application the scoped authorization it needs to query Zoom API. That said, can you point out where exactly in Master account APIs do these APIs live. You can point to one for Codec, for example.

  2. What is an example of a QOS endpoint that you meant? Would it give us a Good/Average/Poor rating at a point in time for a given modality? I am aware of raw QOS call record data such as maxJitter etc. However, these measures are quantitative in nature. I am looking for the qualitative APIs similar to the Call Quality dashboard, where per modality experiences are qualitatively graded.

  3. Thanks for pointing out Zoom API Events - Meeting. I suppose we would find some good use for meeting.alert/Unstable Audio event. Is there the “Recovery event” for these alerts though? For ex., Audio now stable etc ?

Much appreciated. Regards.