Calling authorize in Zapp causes the scope grants to be revoked from the user (in-client auth)

Applause has two endpoints for using Zoom App credentials. One is using the web interface at to create and schedule zoom meetings and the other is the Zoom App launched within the Zoom Client.

When we login into Zoom on the Web, the user is presented with an additional dialog to accept scopes. However, when the user is authorized within the zoom app the scope dialog is not presented to the user. The reason is that according to documentation you will not be presented with scope dialog if scopes have not changed.

Bug: We are observing that after authorizing user in Zoom App, the scopes granted to the user are lost.

@Jon Stewart asked us to review the code and we matched it line by line to sample application available here:

We are still seeing the same issue

This issue only happens when we use in-client auth. It does not happen if we disable in-client auth.

@nitin1 How are you checking that the scopes are lost? Are you making calls to the API and getting an error response? I’ll work to reproduce the issue on my end.