New scopes added to published app - client reauthorize process

We added new scopes to our published app, which was then again approved… Now on the client/customer site we have some troubles regarding the new scopes to be reauthorized.

Even though we reconnect the installed app and client receives a confirmation message “New Zoom app installed”, still the new scopes seems not to be authorized. Client still gets error invalid token…does not contain scopes:report:read:admin (and yes, the scope is added and approved by you).

So in our own dev account I only got it solved by uninstalling and then fresh installing the app.
We do have hundreds of customers who would have to do that on their own, so that would not be that suitable for them to have it to do that way.

Which App?
APIANT for Zoom Admins

Hi @pascal1,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

When you submit an update request to a published Marketplace app and it is approved by our Marketplace team, it would prompt every user to reauthorize, if they want to use the new features/changes that are part of your update. However, if they do not opt into this update, they can continue using the old version of the app.

So, every user will receive a notification, and it will depend on the user whether or not they want to update to the new version of your app or not.

Can you confirm that the users getting this error have opted into the latest version of your app?


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