Calling React Native users

Hello everyone!

In the past couple of months, we have had several customers come to us asking for help and advice on using this React Native wrapper for the Meeting SDK. Because this is not an official Zoom library, our ability to give support was limited. It also highlighted that there was no other way to develop Meeting SDK apps outside of the native options on mobile platforms.

So, what I’m trying to do is get a sense of how many people use the React Native wrapper to see if it is worthwhile for Zoom to support React Native with the Meeting SDK. Once we have this data, we’ll be able to gauge the next steps. PM me your account ID and name. Optionally, tell me why you chose React Native over the supported native libraries and how long it would take your team to migrate to a native implementation.

Thanks for your time!


Well, I’m here to explore zoom on Flutter. I’ve already integrated Jitsi and it was pretty easy and worked well, but their Flutter code is really a wrap of their React Native code.

It would be awesome if I could also integrate Zoom into our meeting app! I tried the flutter zoom repos on github but none of them seemed stable enough to launch the sample app.


What would it take for y’all to adopt one of these, clean it up, and get it out there for use?

Hello Shariq,

Thank you for addressing this important topic. Our team uses the React Native wrapper for the Meeting SDK extensively in our project. Official support from Zoom for React Native would be immensely beneficial for us, as it would streamline our development process and enhance our ability to provide timely updates and features to our users.

We appreciate Zoom’s effort to understand and potentially support the React Native community.

Hi Shariq,
I would love to see a react-native library for Zoom, In our case we’re a tiny team of developers, all web developers converted into react-native developers, so our experience with native code is minimal. We’ve been using react-native-zoom-us, which is an amazing library, but despite the maintainers’ great effort, sometimes it’s behind the SDK minimum version policy dates.

Our application is being used by many hundred thousand users, who at this moment have to download the Zoom App from the stores because there are still some issues with the wrapper.

You’ll find that react-native is an always-growing community, and just the number of views of this post in the forum shows that there is a large number of people trying to use Zoom in react-native.

As said before, we are a tiny team of web developers, and we have both an iOS & Android application so the migration to native libraries is an effort that we’re not able to achieve. At this moment we’re working to start using the Zoom Web SDK in a react-native WebView to offer our users the option to open the meeting without having to install Zoom App. This is not our preferred approach, but it will be a workaround until we can integrate again react-native-zoom-us.

Again, it will be great to have an official Zoom SDK for react-native.

Thanks for any efforts regarding this!

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Hi @shariq.torres, we also use the Zoom Meeting SDK, wrapped by react-native-zoom-us. The library works well and the maintainer is fairly responsive.

However, because of Zoom’s minimum enforcement policy, it’s quite stressful when it’s 2 weeks out from the enforcement with no RNZU upgrade, and we have to make a decision to wait for this nice maintainer’s work to upgrade the underlying Meeting Zoom SDK version, or else try to fork the library to do it ourselves, or write our own native code which would be difficult and surely have bugs initially.

Having Zoom support a React-Native wrapper for the Meeting SDK would be a tremendous help. Please DM me if you or Zoom would like to discuss this in more detail.

The Video SDK has a React-Native wrapper - can Zoom invest more in the Meeting SDK?

Thanks for considering!


Hi Shariq,
I would love to see a react-native library for Zoom,We’ve been using react-native-zoom-us ( a third party package ) but sometimes due to changes in Native Zoom SDK it sometimes lags behind Native Zoom SDK and is not always updated. Recently as I observed it is having an issue with android 14 support as it was unable to initialize the SDK it self. So please provide a valid support for React native.
Thank you!

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Please anybody Help me with this issue,
Zoom SDK 5.17.11, Supported iOS 15 onwards

Hi Shariq,

We also use this React Native wrapper for an Android only healthcare app. Our patients typically are less technologically savvy and/or have a disability, so we use this integration to make the process of joining a zoom video call as easy as possible for them. Like other people have mentioned, the zoom minimum SDK enforcement policy has come down to the wire for us a time or two, so we decided to upgrade this library’s Android SDK version a couple versions ahead of the minimum version. Most recently, I also upgraded the wrapper’s IOS zoom SDK before it expired because I felt like I needed to even though we don’t ship our App to IOS. I did this on my own free time with no IOS experience. We would love to see Zoom officially support this library, and appreciate your efforts.

Thank you all for your responses. We have collected the info and are discussing what the next steps will be. In the coming months, I’ll make another post on here to talk about the outcome.

Seria muito bom ter um suporte oficial para nós, devs React Native. :heart_eyes:

Hi Shariq,

We are transitioning to React Native, it would be great if we could use zoom meeting SDK directly in our app.