How to integrate Zoom sdk in react-native mobile application

I want to build an application and want to use zoom sdk for video calling.

But I can not find any documentation to integrate Zoomsdk in react-native, I don’t know much about native languages like java/swift.

you have ionic support , could you please help me with react-native ?


we made a new rn bridge for zoom sdk. you can take a look


Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Our SDK currently does not natively support React Native, and we do not have a React Native SDK.

Glad to see there is a community project for this. :slight_smile: Happy Zooming!

I’ve created a react native bridge you can use in the meantime - check it out


Glad to see there is a community project for this. Happy Zooming!

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Is there any chance to integrate Zoom in Expo react native application?

Hi @Irina,

Thanks for the using Zoom SDK. Currently we do not have a React Native SDK so it does not work with React Native application directly at the moment.


Hello @Carson_Chen,

I want to build zoom native application using react-native for cross platform(macos, windows,…)… like Macro.

I was also trying electron SDK, but I came to know that it doesn’t support for zoom UI customize feature.

If there is no SDK present for react-native, then how I can proceed to create a native custom zoom application for cross platforms?

Is there any other way available for cross platform extensive customization other than available platform specific SDK?

Hi @samadhan.madane31,

Thanks for the reply. It depends on what level of customization you are looking for. The native SDKs provide 2 types of meeting UI: One is the Zoom default UI, which is the same UI that you are seeing in the Zoom meeting clients. The other one is Custom UI, which allows/requires the developer to draw their own UI. The Electron SDK provides the Zoom default UI and you will be able to customize, to hide/show, to enable/disable certain features in the Zoom meeting UI. It is not supporting to allow developers to draw their own meeting UI.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen,

Thanks for the reply.
I am looking for extensive UI customisation - Custom UI.
What could be the cross platform option available?

Hi @samadhan.madane31,

Currently Custom UI is only available on native SDKs since it involves complex UI implementation and it is different across platforms.