How to integrate Zoom sdk in react-native mobile application

I want to build an application and want to use zoom sdk for video calling.

But I can not find any documentation to integrate Zoomsdk in react-native, I don’t know much about native languages like java/swift.

you have ionic support , could you please help me with react-native ?


we made a new rn bridge for zoom sdk. you can take a look


Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Our SDK currently does not natively support React Native, and we do not have a React Native SDK.

Glad to see there is a community project for this. :slight_smile: Happy Zooming!

I’ve created a react native bridge you can use in the meantime - check it out


Glad to see there is a community project for this. Happy Zooming!

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Is there any chance to integrate Zoom in Expo react native application?

Hi @Irina,

Thanks for the using Zoom SDK. Currently we do not have a React Native SDK so it does not work with React Native application directly at the moment.


Hello @Carson_Chen,

I want to build zoom native application using react-native for cross platform(macos, windows,…)… like Macro.

I was also trying electron SDK, but I came to know that it doesn’t support for zoom UI customize feature.

If there is no SDK present for react-native, then how I can proceed to create a native custom zoom application for cross platforms?

Is there any other way available for cross platform extensive customization other than available platform specific SDK?

Hi @samadhan.madane31,

Thanks for the reply. It depends on what level of customization you are looking for. The native SDKs provide 2 types of meeting UI: One is the Zoom default UI, which is the same UI that you are seeing in the Zoom meeting clients. The other one is Custom UI, which allows/requires the developer to draw their own UI. The Electron SDK provides the Zoom default UI and you will be able to customize, to hide/show, to enable/disable certain features in the Zoom meeting UI. It is not supporting to allow developers to draw their own meeting UI.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen,

Thanks for the reply.
I am looking for extensive UI customisation - Custom UI.
What could be the cross platform option available?

Hi @samadhan.madane31,

Currently Custom UI is only available on native SDKs since it involves complex UI implementation and it is different across platforms.


Hi @Carson_Chen,

Thanks for the reply.

Hello @caapaneth,
For iOS and android the react-native-zoom-bridge will work.
But is there any library/package available for Mac and Windows Zoom SDKs?
Like MobileRTC supports for iOS and Android, is there any RTC available for Mac and windows Zoom SDK?

This solution no longer works, because the NativeEventEmitter arrives as null.

In Android it does not work at all, it does not make the jump to the SDK.

In my case, I close the App and I get a Meeting in progress notification and it doesn’t start.

Could you tell me what the error is?

Hi Carson , can you please tell how to integrate zoom with react native for only in app browser and that should not be force to download zoom app .

Hi @hjagariya11, thanks for using our SDK.

Unfortunately we still do not have support for react native. We would like to add support for this in the future, but do not yet have a timeline for when we will be able to release a react native SDK.


Hello, @jon.lieblich and @Carson_Chen
What do you think of this link?
I saw this link in Google. And it says zoom SDK can be integrated in React-Native.
Could you please check this link?

I want to integrate zoom SDK in React-Native. Is it possible?
Any comment and answer will be appreciate.
Thank you.

Hi @jinyoucheng1217, thanks for using the dev forum.

That is fantastic that a developer has taken the time to write this out! While we do not actively support React Native right now, we have seen quite a few developers successfully integrate our native SDKs into their React Native projects. We will do our best to support anyone integrating the SDK into a React Native project, but there will be some cases in which we cannot assist unless the behavior is reproducible in a native Android or iOS project.


PS.: You are welcome, guys. :slight_smile:

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What userid and meetingNumber pass for the method of starting the meeting, it returns ZAK null