Camera Mode into my react app like Timer APP

I am creating an app where users can schedule an online meeting I want to show some content on Zoom video like i want to use camera mode in my React app so that I can display some content in a video like A Timer Zoom app which shows a timer on top of Zoom Video.

So can anybody help me I am new here just tell me how can i configure it so that when the user can click on the button it shows a timer on the Zoom video. Please help me out with this

Hey @tommmyy890 !

You should start with our Zoom App Documentation here: Zoom Apps

Based on your use case described, you should explore the Zoom App SDK setVirtualForeground:

Let us know if this helps!

Abe Queen

yes, i see this but I am confused how can i render my timer component into Zoom video? currently, I am able to render images and text but i want to display a timer that is the same as Timer Zoom has which is listed on the marketplace. like so

@abe.queen any response ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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