Camera Preview before Join the Meeting in Component View

###Camera Preview before Join the Meeting in Component View :

We have Developed a web app in angular which is using Component View for meeting
alot of our external users are facing Camera and Microphone issues and they also facing difficulty in Clicking in the small icon of Camera and Microphone.
In Zoom official Desktop app there is an option for preview before joining the call ,
We want to achieve the same preview feature in our Meeting SDK Component view app ,
I am attaching an Reference Image how its looks in zoom desktop app,

Preview Page is available in Client View, is it Possible to INIT the meeting in Client view and later switch it to Component view ?

Hi @qasatti
Thanks for reaching out to us.
I do not think you could init the meeting client view and then switch to component view, you will have to init in the component view

thanks @elisa.zoom , Is there any way to show preview to User before joining the meeting in Component view , this feature is available in zoom window app, we wand to do the same

Hi @qasatti
Of course, happy to help!
I am afraid this is not an available feature yet

Hi @elisa.zoom
Please write to your team to add this on Feature request ,
It will improve the User experience in Meeting SDK Component view

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Feel free to add this in the feature request category here: