Use Zoom Meeting Client view in Angular Component

I was able to integrate Meeting SDK in my website but i want to show the client view in a component in angular not full screen for now i have used the Iframe to implement this functionality but is there any way to not use Iframe.

@6386391ritesh Hope you will be fine.

Here are the Zoom WebSDK Integration with Angular

Zoom as Component View with Angular
Angular with Zoom WebSDK Integration

Any query still please ask. Thanks

I am done with integration i want to ask is there a way where client view don’t cover full page just use a component to load.

@6386391ritesh Please customize by selecting meeting elements in css.

@6386391ritesh ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer forum. Have you considered leveraging the Zoom Meeting SDK component view? It provides the option to display the Meeting SDK for Web in components on your page. This allows for a more flexible design.

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