Camera upside down on old iPad Air

The camera video is upside down on an old iPad Air (iPad4,2) running iOS 12.4.9
The issue is present only on this specific configuration, on other iPad devices running iOS 14 everything is working fine.

Which version?

iOS SDK version v5.2.42037.1112

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
iPad Air (iPad4,2) running iOS 12.4.9

Hey @criva,

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Are you using a custom meeting UI or the default meeting UI?



I am using custom meeting UI

Hey @criva,

Can you provide your code for showing the attendee video views?


I using the following class

class AttendeeVideoView : UIView {

public var userId: UInt? = nil

override init(frame: CGRect) {
  super.init(frame: frame)

lazy var videoView : MobileRTCVideoView = {
    let _videoView = MobileRTCVideoView.init(frame: self.bounds)
    if let userId = userId {
        _videoView.showAttendeeVideo(withUserID: userId)
    return _videoView

private func setupView() {
    self.backgroundColor =

func updateFrame() {
    self.videoView.frame = CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: self.bounds.size.width, height: self.bounds.size.height)

func showAttendeeVideo(userId: UInt) {
    if self.userId != nil && self.userId == userId {
    self.userId = userId
    videoView.isHidden = false
    videoView.showAttendeeVideo(withUserID: userId)

func stopAttendeeVideo() {
    videoView.isHidden = true
    userId = nil


Externally I call “showAttendeeVideo” passing the userId and “stopAttendeeVideo” for start and stop video. “updateFrame” is called when the AttendeeVideoView has been resized.

Hey @criva,

That is very interesting. I am curious if the video stream starts at a place in the view’s lifecycle where the orientation may not be known? Can you reproduce this on that device, then email the SDK logs to Please provide a link to this post and mention my name.


Unfortunately, it’s not that easy

The problem does not occur on a development device (but on a customer device). I don’t own this specific iPad model.

… and the simulators are not helping me in any way for debugging these kinds of camera issues.

Hey @criva,

I understand, I also do not have this specific model. Normally we cannot investigate an issue that is specific to one device without being able to reproduce or without being able to inspect the logs. However, I will inform the engineers about this and see if there is some other way we can troubleshoot :slight_smile: