Camera turn upside down when turn device 180° fast

In the sample app, join a meeting with default UI, camera turn upside down when turn device 180° fast.
Also have same problem when using customized UI in my own app

Which Android Meeting SDK version?
v5.7.1.1267, v5.2.42043.1112

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. run the sampe app
  2. join a meeting with default UI
  3. turn on video
  4. turn device 180° fast


Hey @kevinxiao,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Would you be able to supply a video of this issue?


hello @Michael_Condon

How can I upload a .mp4 file here?

You can also try in the zoom sdk sample app.
I used [API user] then [Start this Meeting]


Hey @kevinxiao,

A youtube link or google drive link would work. We will try to reproduce on our end as well.


hello @Michael_Condon

Any update for this? Sorry I can’t provide the link here…


Hi @kevinxiao,

The behavior seen in your screenshot is caused by the device being upside down without the screen orientation changing. Since the screen does not rotate to an upside down state, there is no orientation change for the SDK’s UI to respond to.


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