Can a regular (non-admin) user do a REST call to get their own info

I’m try to develop a simple integration. A regular user, type=2, non-admin, gets an access token and then calls the end point – to get info on the user.

I tried creating an app on the marketplace site that and given scope user:read. That call is documented to require “user:read:admin user:read”. What I do not know about the documentation is does that mean the BOTH user:read:admin and user:read are needed or just one or the other.

Further, when I try the call, I get the error–

“code”: 4700,
“message”: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [user:write:admin, user:read:admin, zms:user:write, zms:user:read]”

FYI, I tried creating a “user-managed” app as opposed to an “account-level” app when creating the app in the marketplace and assigning scope.

Any know if there is a way for a regular user to get their own user info and if so, what scopes must be granted and what the request should be like?

Hey @kkoellner, thanks for posting and using Zoom! :slight_smile:

You only need one or the other. In your case for a User Level OAuth app you only need user:read.

This is possible! :slight_smile: Can you send me the request url / headers / params that you are using when getting that error?

Also try passing in me as theUserIdValue.

And if you could send me a screenshot of your Apps Scopes page that would be great too!


I did try the “me” option (it’s not obvious from the documentation, perhaps it is documented in some general section not under the individual APIs), and it did work.



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Hey @kkoellner,

We are working on making our docs more clear around the me context.

Here is where we have it currently: