Can an API app be set to read-only?

I have JWT app that I use for account maintenance and to gather some meeting metrics. I have another group that needs to be able to periodically pull an extract of all Zoom Rooms to gather their names. I don’t really want to give then access to the JWT credentials since it has full admin rights on our account. Is there a way I can create a second set of credentials that adheres to a specific role? Or at least so that it’s read-only?

It appears that I can only create one set of JWT credentials and doesn’t see that I can restrict it in any way.

Hi @jferguson,

Good question—for this I would recommend creating a private OAuth App under your account. This would allow you to set scopes for the app, such as read-only, and ensure that only authorized users have access:

Let me know if you have questions about this,

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