OAuth and JWT App

Hi! I need to retrieve meetings/webinars participants list from my company’s zoom account. After reading the documentation and guides from your website, I understand that I need to make OAuth app instead of JWT. Based on my understanding (please correct me if I am wrong), this is because if I create an OAuth app, I can use it to retrieve information from other accounts. Therefore, I created an OAuth app using my own Zoom account and planned to get authorization from my company’s account using the installation URL. However, after I pass the installation URL to my company’s admin, it says that it cannot authorizes the app:


Is this because the app needs to be created in the company’s Zoom account? Is there a way to create the app from my own account instead?

Thank you!

Hi @jennychs,

Thanks for reaching out about this! I can see we’ve already been in touch over email, so I’ll continue the conversation there. :slight_smile:


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