Can i fetch recoding url for a purticular occurence in a recurring meeting?

Can i fetch Recording URL for a particular occurrence in a recurring meeting ?

In the API Doc , its given that we can fetch video through UUID/Meeting ID which will be same for all meetings under a recurring meeting.

What Can i do to get recording of a single specific occurrence of a recurring meeting ?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @vidya.webandcrafts to retrieve a recording of a single instance of a recurring meeting, use the UUID of the instance.

@michael.harrington I doubt you haven’t understood my question.

For a recurring meeting we will only get a single UUID. But how can i distinguish the recording between each occurrence in a recurring meeting.

I need the recording of a specific occurence in a recurring meeting created.

Hey @vidya.webandcrafts,

Once each meeting occurrence starts, it is given a new, unique UUID.

You can get the new UUID via the List Past Meeting occurrences endpoint or the meeting or recording completed webhooks.

Then use the UUID to call the GET Past Meeting Instances endpoint