Can I get webniar cloud recording url from api?

Sorry, I don’t have an add on for webnarir yet. The following is just speculation,


Zoom からホストのメールアドレスにメールが送信されます。 メールには 2 つのリンクがあり、最初のリンクはホストのみがレコーディングを管理するためのものです。 2 つ目のリンクは参加者用です。

(Sorry, the above content is not included in the English version)

I think the 2nd URL may like **************

which can click to view the meeting video.

the question is,
can this url be obtained through the following API? or it is only support for meeting?
(May be recording_files ->play_url?)

If not, how can I get it through other APIs?

Hi @jiangqimin, I would refer back to the API documentation link and specifically under the “Path Parameter” details, it is mentioned that you can obtained webinar recordings (if you have the add-on) using the this API.

Alternatively, you can also refer to the webhook under Recordings where you can subscribe to recording.completed event and use the payload to download the recordings as well This covers both meeting and webinar related recordings.