How can a Zoom Marketplace Custom App render a React page?

I need to know how to transform a react application into a custom zoom app marketplace app because I want to make zoom applications that are offered on the zoom market place. According to what I understand, I have a node js backend that helps to authenticate users and access my website in zoom Apps, but they display a blank page in place of the content that I enter into it? Could someone kindly guide me through this?
The second issue is that there are two buttons in the marketplace: Add and Visit to our website. Could someone please advise me how to show Add button instead of access our website

Hi @helpdesk.codeintelli , Zoom Apps are web applications that run inside the Zoom client in an embedded browser. You should be able to port over an existing React app into a Zoom App easily. I’d recommend taking a look at our sample react app for guidance:

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