Can I set start view to "gallery view" on free or pro account?

in Zoom WebSDK Embedded v 3.1.0 used in a Laravel Project


I can’t control start view on joining the meeting nor after joining, so is there any property can set the meeting view to “Gallery”? even if it require pro account
Gallery view button not displaying

Troubleshooting Routes
I tried many ways:
1- add “gallery_view”: true," to “settings” object on create a meeting
2- use this → customize: {
video: {
defaultViewType: “gallery”,


into → init() method on
3- tried to explore each feature after joining meeting i couldn’t find any button to change the meeting view
4- I got an idea to add acustom button to make this function but I couldn’t find anything can help with that in the documentation

So, what can I do to add gallery view to my meetings it 's a very important feature in our app?

@uslegalization ,
Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. To begin, could you share the join and init functions? This will help us understand how you’re implementing this.