Can I start recording the meeting to cloud on behalf of the user as a Chatbot?

Hi - We are building a Zoom Chatbot for Spiti ( Think of Spiti as a centralised library for all team videos. Our use-case is that - team should be able to start recording the meeting using the chatbot and be able to choose to publish the recording to their team workspace on Spiti.

However I couldn’t find any API which can help check the status of recording (whether the meeting recording has started) and be able to start the meeting recording if not already started.


Thank you for posting. This sounds like a great use case for a meeting Bots. You will need to create a Zoom App. Also, you can listen to recording webhooks to determine if the recording has started or not.

Zoom App


Meeting Bots: Accessing Media Streams

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Recording Started Webhooks

All Recordings have completed Webhooks