How to start recording a meeting?

Is it possible to start a cloud or local recording while in a zoom meeting? Eg the result of clicking “record” on the client UI.

This is assuming:

  • recording is enabled in settings but automatic recording is not enabled

The closest thing we have found is to PATCH /meetings/{id} with { auto_recording: 'local' } but it didn’t work (as is probably expected).

Hi @edward ,

At this time, you can enable / disable auto recording before the meeting. It would not work after the meeting has started. You would have to manually enable / disable it.

Let me know if you have any other questions. We will be happy to help.


Hey @edward,

Correct, the PATCH /meetings/{id} won’t start recording in the live meeting.

You can however use the Web SDK to accomplish this via the ZoomMtg.record({record: true}) function.



can we download in our local when using zoom web-sdk. Or it need to store in cloud only? Through the following method:
record: true

Hey @amit1,

The Web SDK only supports cloud recording, not local.


Hi @Tommy,

Anything on the roadmap to enable PATCH /meetings/{meetingId} to start cloud recording in a live meeting without using always on, Automatic Call Recording for a given host?

Example compliance use case:

  • Subscribe to meeting.participant_joined webhook events.
  • Start cloud recording (PATCH /meetings/{meetingId}) for any meeting in the organization a given user joins. (via Account-level OAuth app)

That recording should start even if that user is not the meeting host.


Hey @eric.franzen,

Not currently, feel free to add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests