Can not create user

I am using ruby sdk to create user and meeting. Here is my sample code.
service = Zoom.configure { |c|
c.api_key = Rails.application.credentials.dig(:zoom, :api_key)
c.api_secret = Rails.application.credentials.dig(:zoom, :api_secret)
} &&
service.user_create(email: ‘’, first_name: ‘Test’, last_name: ‘Sample’, type: 1, password: ‘Test@123’)

I am getting the following response,
{“code”=>200, “message”=>“No privilege.”}
When I check list of created user, I am not getting the newly created user.

Hey @selvam, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Since that Ruby SDK is not built or supported by us, you may want to create an issue on that repo.

Can you try requesting a free trial here: I believe you need to have a paid plan to use the Create User endpoint.