Can not disassociate the user with managed domain

We recently enabled Managed Domains on our instance and since then whenever we try to delete a account, we get:

{“code”:1107,“message”:“Can not disassociate the user with managed domain”}

What is the supported method/REST API for deleting users from a Managed Domain?


Please can I get an update here as we are lagging behind on user account removals for users who have left the company. For a large enterprise this is very critical both from security perspective and license management.


  1. DELETE call without any action parameter, which works for deleting users under a non-managed domain. This in-turn executes a disassociate action, which is not supported for users under a managed domain
  2. DELETE call with explicit action=delete is required to delete users under managed domain

Please can we have this documented on Zoom Support docs.

I had a similar problem because it defaults to disassociate. The actions are documented here:

I am glad you figured this out! Apologies for not seeing this right away. Our system looks for threads with only one post, but since you replied to your own post, our system did not pick this up for a reply. Our apologies and we will look for ways to improve this.

As mentioned by @Jonathan_Champ if you do not include an action, we will default to “disassociate.” This can be seen on the right-hand side of the docs as seen below.

If there are defaults for query params or other fields, they will always be in the validations section of that field. Please keep that in mind as it will mitigate these issues in the future.

If you have any questions, please let me know.