Can we get the .lib for libssl-1_1.DLL and libcrypto-1_1.DLL

I have apps that use the Zoom SDK to support Zoom meetings. My apps also use the openSSL libraries. I built the openSSL libraries using MSVC 2015. The latest version of the Zoom SDK also distributes the openSSL libraries, and that is clashing with the ones that My apps uses.

I would like to use the Zoom openSSL generated .lib files when building my apps and use the openSSL .DLL.

Which version?
Zoom SDK v4.6.21666.0428
My openSSL version 1.1.0g
Zoom openSSL version 1.1.1e

Hi @ybennour,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. You may rename your openssl.dll or use the openssl static libraries to avoid this issue.

Hope this helps. Thanks!