Can we have recipient information added to the response for im/chat/sessions/{sessionId}



We are planning on using im/chat/sessions/{sessionId} for getting IM messages for the users. Since we only get the name of the sender of the message, we do not have a way to find out who the recipient was when there is just one user interacting.

Can we have the recipient information added to the response from this endpoint? It would be helpful if we can have the api response return the following:

  • For 1:1 messages information about the sender and the receiver
  • For group message a list of members of the group

We considered using the other endpoint im/users/{userId}/chat/messages, but for arbitrary large number of users, it is not a viable option.


Hi @snpatel_zoom,

Yes, GET im/users/{userId}/chat/messages should work[0]. However. in your use case since its not a viable option, I’ll reach out to the Engineers to see if we can add the data the chat sessions endpoint.

[0] -


Thanks @Michael_Purnell