Questions related to /im/users/{userId}/chat/messages endpoint


I have some questions related to the new endpoint /im/users/{userId}/chat/messages:

  • Does the endpoint return both 1:1 and group chat messages for a given user?

  • What is the “userId” path parameter and “chat_user” query parameter? Does both of those parameters expect Id of the sender of the messages?

  • Which query parameters are required?

Hi @snpatel_zoom,

  1. This is both Channel and 1:1 group chats
  2. usersID is the current users ID and the chat_user is the person who you want to retrieve the messages from.
  3. You either needs to use chat_user or channelID.


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Hi @michael_p.zoom , can you let us know how we can get channelIDs ?

Hey @hagop,

Our GET Channels Endpoint was recently deprecated and removed from our docs, but we have a new Get Channels Endpoint coming soon.

In the meantime, here is the deprecated endpoint, use with caution until the new ones are out.

GET /im/users/{{ USER ID }}/channels

HEADERS: "Authorization": "Bearer {{ ACCESS TOKEN }}"

The group_jid in the response will work as the channelID.

Be sure to subscribe to our release log here so you will be notified when the new Chat API’s are released.


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Thanks @tommy for the prompt response, we’ll look forward to further updates.

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You are welcome, happy to help!