Can we search zoom meeting ID by date or time?


We are starting to build a zoom client for the business team with zoom SDK, and they have a request to search the meeting id by time or date, but seems we can’t find this kind or function in your SDK or web API, so could you please to help?



I suppose you are talking about upcoming meetings(scheduled meeting). There is an IPreMeetingService::ListMeeting() API in the SDK. You can use this one to get all the upcoming meetings. You will be notified on the callback event IPreMeetingServiceEvent::onListMeeting(PremeetingAPIResult result, IList<UINT64 >* lstMeetingList). If the result is PREMETAPIRET_SUCCESS, the list contains all the upcoming meeting and they are ordered by the time from now on. Currently, SDK does not support any other searching filter.

If you do need some other searching filters, please submit your request to

Have a good day!