Can we show zoom cloud recordings in our own app using zoom sdks/api without downloading and uploading to storage service

We are to building an app where we would like to show our recorded zoom meetings, which resides in zoom cloud, in our own app.

Is there a way to show the zoom cloud recordings in our own app using zoom sdk or api, without downloading and uploading the recordings in our storage service; but directly from zoom url (download url or play url)?

Hi, @pramod.ashta,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum. Yes, you can play meeting recordings in your Application. See this forum post for more details and let us know if you have any additional questions or comments:

Thanks Donte,
When I add the play_url in iframe in my app, it gives me 403 forbidden. the link that you provided states I can just use play_url, but looks like zoom doesnt support that.
Just wanted to repharse my question, is there a way we can show recordings embeded in our app using zoom api or sdk?


Did some testing on my end and the recording worked a few times, then the following error was thrown: “Refused to display in a frame because it ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’

I’ve reached out to internal resources to see if there is a solution for the X-Frame-Options Header policy.. While I work on that, can you share what errors you are seeing and what you already tried to resolve them? I’ve seen some folks with similar issues find success implementing a reverse proxy, have you tried this approach?

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