Can we use zoom Oauth to get access token?

I created an unpublished Oauth app “test” on zoom, then I authorized it to “View and manage all user meetings” and “View users information and manage users”. But when I am trying to do the same on localhost on a different browser (say browser 2), it gives an error " Invalid client_id:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ", while I am getting redirected to my redirect page with code on the 1st browser.
I am unable to understand this error.
Also, can use this access_token to create instant meetings?

Thank you

Hi @tejendra.pratap.ju,

Can you make sure your redirect URL is served over HTTPS? You can test with any valid URL, such as — let me know if you face the same issue. This should be possible.

On success, a code will be appended to the redirect URL. You will then exchange that code for an access_token by calling our /oauth endpoint.


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