Can you embed zoom into my website for me

I have a heartinternet VPS accessed via PLESK/PUTTY using CENTOS 7.

I have a website (written by me) with a lot of it served using SQL and PHP used to deliver training to the NHS.

Some NHS organisations have banned the usage of Zoom as it does not offer true end to end encryption (don’t get me started on how sensible a decision that isn’t given we are talking about training). However, they have said it is ok if done via my website (which also doesn’t offer end to end encryption but hey ho, you can’t make it up some times).

I would like to embed Zoom into my website so NHS find it easier to access the live training but I am struggling - I can read JS but I have not written JS and have never run my own server (so having a VPS is catching me out at times).

I would like to pay someone (but not a lot as this is all NHS based) who has already embedded zoom into a website (and can demonstrate this) to do this for/with me.

Hey @richard2,

Currently we do not have any recommendations of developers to develop solutions for you.

That being said, you can reference our working sample app to help you integrate it into your PHP site.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you for that Tommy, was kind of hoping that some of the other developers might come forward but hey ho, suspect they are already busy enough.

I’ve had a go with the working sample app - having taken the main site down twice doing it I thought to get someone in who knows what they are doing!

Will have another go at some point, probably on a temporary site in the first instance…

Thank you for getting in touch though, appreciate it,


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Hey @richard2,

Happy to help! And yes, it is always a good idea to test things first on temporary / development site.

That being said, if you are using wordpress, there are some community built wordpress Zoom Web SDK plugins.


Quick question.

If I manage to embed Zoom into my website would it mean that people could log on to my website (as they currently do) and then join a Zoom meeting without having to go to the main Zoom website?

If the answer is yes then this would be a way round the NHS organisations that have banned Zoom.

Also, of yes, then would they still have to be manually admitted via the waiting room? Just we would know who they are as they had already logged on to our website and so this would then streamline the waiting room significantly…

Hey @richard2,

Yes, the meeting will run in your website. :slight_smile:

This depends on your settings. You can turn the waiting room off and on to your liking.


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