Can you use the API to pull meeting chat transcripts without creating a bot?


I’ve been reading your API docs and I’m trying to figure out whether it’s possible to pull meeting chat transcripts out of your API without needing to create a bot and add it to every meeting before the fact. I’m finding that a lot of Zoom chats are often misplaced or forgotten about after the end of meetings, and I’d like a way for us to store their transcripts someplace that’s more discoverable. Your API docs don’t suggest that this is a popular or common use case, so some clarification would be helpful!

From some more reading, it seems like this should be possible by creating a server-to-server oauth app — however, this app type is not listed in App Marketplace for me. Is this permission being gradually added to some workspaces?

Hi @alex.garnett
Yes, you should reach out to the admin of your account or owner so they can enable you to be able to create S2S oauth app
Here is a link to a post that will help you achieve this