Can Zoom Electron SDK apps be uploaded to the marketplace?

I’m wondering if apps that utilize the Zoom Electron SDK are eligible for the marketplace –

While I’ve got your attention!

I’m also wondering if it’s possible to join a meeting with the Zoom Electron SDK but have it headless – as in have an app UI but be participating in the Zoom meeting through the regular Zoom application.


Hey @Rossi,

Unfortunately the Zoom Electron SDK cannot be uploaded to the Zoom App Marketplace.

The Zoom App Marketplace is for OAuth or Chatbot applications. However, if your integration of the Electron SDK uses Zoom OAuth, you can upload your OAuth app to the Marketplace.

As for opening the Zoom Application, check out this article:


Thanks for the quick reply! If I’m understanding correctly, an app that utilizes the Zoom Electron SDK would then not be eligible for the Marketplace Competition –

The reason I ask is because a core piece of functionality which I/we’re interested in can only be retrieved through a full fledged SDK (that I know of) Re: Getting active speaker data in real time.

Could you clarify what you mean re:

Do you mean if an SDK app uses OAuth it is then eligible?

Hey @Rossi, oh you are talking about the Zoom App Marketplace Competition!

In that case, any use of the Zoom Developer Platform (APIs / SDK / Chatbots / etc…) that delivers happiness to Zoom users is eligible! So yes, your application would be eligible. :slight_smile:


That’s great news! Thanks again for the quick reply :smiley:

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You are welcome! Best of luck @Rossi! :slight_smile: