Using Zoom SDK with our native app

Hi, we are thinking to use Zoom SDK inside our native app (android and iPhone).
The usage is to join meetings as guests (without the need to have a zoom account).
The meetings itself will be created outside of those apps, using Pro/Business accounts and another system.
I just wanted to clarify, if we need to pay anything in order to use the Zoom SDK?
Can we publish our app that uses Zoom SDK to Google Play and Apple Store?

Hi amir,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. As long as you agree on the terms in, there is no extra requirement from us. You may integrate our SDK into your app and publish it.

Let me know if any other questions. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply.
How the Zoom Marketplace can help us marketing our solution? is it for PC use more than smartphone? I assume on Smartphones everyone would prefer to download an app from the official store and not from the zoom marketplace.

Hi Amir,

Regarding the marketing or the related questions on our Marketplace, you may contact for more information. Our Marketplace is not the same as the app store(Google/Apple) and it does not provide the functionality to publish an SDK app and allow users to download from there.

Hope this helps. Thanks!