Cannot access cloud regordings through API


I am trying to build an application in which I access zoom recordings through API.

I have created a server-to-server oAuth app, but when I try to access recordings for a user through API (/v2/users/{userId}/recordings) I get the following error:
“code”: 4711,
“message”: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[user:read:list_recordings:admin, user:read:list_recordings].”

When I go to the server-to-server app → Scopes, and try to assign those scopes, I cannot find them, they are missing.

Currently I have a Pro license and also a cloud storage plan.
Also I have checked that I have recording permissions and that cloud recordings are enabled in my account.

Can you please assist me on how to fix this?

Thank you

Hi ,

Check out these sections for guidance on the root cause.

Let me know if you’re able to identify and resolve the issue!


I could not track what the problem is using those articles.
My problem is that I cannot find the scopes into the server-to-server app in order to add them.

The accounts have cloud recording enabled and allow clouds recording share enabled.

For example, I have meeting:read:list_meetings:admin scope available and I can query for meetings for the master accounts or any sub-account via API, but I cannot find the scopes related to cloud recordings (user:read:list_recordings:admin, user:read:list_recordings) in order to add them to the app, so that I can query recordings. O only have scopes related to local_recordings

What would be the reason for which the scopes are not available in the app definition?

Thank you!

Hi ,

I see the issue, please see this thread: