Cannot getting Sub-account's invoice id


We are a sub-reseller company.
An environment for purchasing Pro licenses for customers,
Account number:
There is a question while verifying the Biling-related API for automating invoice processing for sub-accounts.
(Zoom Japan and the billing team when issuing the ticket have instructed me to ask a question here.)


I want to get “Sub-account’s invoice id” in order to execute following APIs.

・ API: Get invoice details
・ API: Download an invoice file

My understanding is
we can get invoiceid by
API: List billing invoices

The execution result is
{“invoices”: , “currency”: “USD”}

It seems that the request was successful, but I am in trouble because the contents are empty and I can not get the invoice id.
It is the account that the invoice should have come clearly, and even if it is set for the specified period, it does not change.

Execution example:
・ Account ID:xxx (Service purchase date: January 6, 2021)
・ From: 2021-01-01
・ To: 2021-06-02


{“invoices”: , “currency”: “USD”}

Could you please tell me the cause and solution?

Hi @tntn3438,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help!

Usually, this is a result of not passing valid to/from parameters in the request URL. Can you try using a request like this one?:

If you still see an empty array in the response, please write to us directly at with your account details and the exact request URL you’re using. We’ll be happy to help debug there.


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