API limit for Invoice of Sub Account

I have faced two issues for invoices for sub account API .

① I want to list up the invoices including their sub account information.So, I tried to get the invoices using [List billing invoices API ] => Zoom Meeting Master Account API. Since I have account set up where the master account is paying for all subaccounts, I can only see invoices in the master account when I make the API call using "me" .But there is no sub account information in this invoice API response. I would like to request to have the account ID/No and name added to the this API response.
End Point => https://api.zoom.us/v2/accounts/me/billing/invoices?from=2022-09-01&to=2022-09-31

② I also want to list up all of the invoice detail information using invoiceID that i got from above API response. So, I tried to get invoice detail information using Get invoice details=> Zoom Meeting Master Account API.
End Point => https://api.zoom.us/v2/accounts/me/billing/invoices/{invoiceId}

**Since this API has a daily limit of 100 requests per account, error occured when i call more than 100 API requests. As for our company situation, there are thousands of invoices that starts on first day of every month.**As a reseller, I think 100 requests per account a day is too little.So, I would like to request to expand to 10,000 times a day?