Cannot integrate Zoom Video SDK in React Native

After building the android project
Error : Cannot resolve symbol ‘ZoomVideoSDK’

About Project environment

  • React Native version : 0.64.1

    buildToolsVersion = “30.0.2”
    minSdkVersion = 21
    compileSdkVersion = 30
    targetSdkVersion = 30

** Steps we followed **
1- downloading the zoom video sdk example project of react native (react-native-zoom-video-1.3.1)
2- run yarn command inside the root directory
3- run yarn command inside the example directory
4- unzipped sdk file and copied ‘mobilertc’ folder into ./android/mobilertc
5- Opened settings.gradle and included mobilertc in the project. include ‘:mobilertc’

error: cannot find symbol
import us.zoom.sdk.ZoomVideoSDK;
symbol: class ZoomVideoSDK
location: package us.zoom.sdk

Hi @y.makhfi ,

Just to clarify, are you using the Zoom Video Android SDK? Our React Native wrapperr is to be used with our Android or iOS SDKs.

Thank you,

I’m using React Native wrapper , and my problem is with android configuration step