Cannot obtain data for more than 5 people using raw data

I am currently using IZoomSDKRendererDelegate to save images of users, and it works well for up to 4 people.

In terms of implementation, I create an instance of IZoomSDKRendererDelegate for each participant, and store an IZoomSDKRender instance for each participant.

createRenderer(per-participant IZoomSDKRender instance, per-participant IZoomSDKRendererDelegate instance)

Right after creating these, I subscribe.

auto r = render->subscribe(userid, ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::ZoomSDKRawDataType::RAW_DATA_TYPE_VIDEO);

Here, I get SDKERR_WRONG_USAGE, and as a result, I can only retrieve images for up to 4 people.

Is this hitting some kind of limitation? What solutions are available?

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
Meeting SDK 5.13.5

@hanataba ,

There is a limit of 1x 720p and 4x 360p

However you can reach up to 15 person, but these will need to be scaled down to 160p.

I see, thank you.

By the way, could you tell me where this limitation is mentioned in the documentation?

If you want to obtain 10-second clips of 360p video for more than four people (for example, eight people: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H), would it be a good idea to implement it as follows?

  1. Subscribe to users ABCD and record for 10 seconds.
  2. After 10 seconds, perform the unsubscribe action.
  3. Subscribe to the four users EFGH and record for 10 seconds.


someone please give me advice

@hanataba ,

Yes, your strategy sounds correct, do make sure you unsubscribe to the previous 4 users, before subscribing to the next 4 users.

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