Cannot run sample-app-web

Followed this guide but I can’t run the sample app.

In detail I did the following steps:

  1. Downloaded the project from GitHub. The one called sample-web-app
  2. Changed APP_KEY and APP_SECRET in the index.js file (I also use these keys in an Android app so I don’t I know if that’s a problem)
  3. Opened Node.js command prompt
  4. Changed directory to go to the CDN folder
  5. Typed command “npm install”
  6. Typed command “npm run start”

Default browser opens( but I’m getting “Page is not working” message.

Hey @tony,

Can you send a screenshot or the error message showing up in the browser?


Hey @tony,

I just tried and it worked. Can you try following these exact steps as I did and let me know if it works for you.

In terminal:

git clone
cd sample-app-web/CDN
npm install
npm run start

You should see this

If this does not work, can you send me a link to your code on github and I will try to debug.