Cannot stream a meeting on YouTube

Dear community,

I am using the latest desktop version of Zoom (business license) on MacOS to stream on YouTube a meeting (for the stream I’m using Firefox).

In my Zoom user settings, stream for YT has been enabled.
My YT has been provided with the rights for live streaming.

When I start a meeting, a click on “more” and then on “stream on youtube”. I select the relevant YT account for streaming and then I try to go live. What happen is that the stream gets loaded, but after a while the bar doesn’t proceed anymore and I get the following error: “Connection has timed out, please try again.” See image.

What could be going wrong here?

Hi @ez_lll,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. For assistance with this, I’ll kindly ask that you reach out to our Technical Support team here, as they’ll be best suited to help troubleshoot this functionality.


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