Livestream integration error

I am unable to live stream a meeting from Zoom to Facebook or YouTube at the moment. On Facebook, the connection appears to time out before the preview window opens and the error reads, “Unable to stream video to Facebook Live.” I receive a similar error on YouTube, but this one indicates that the connection has timed out. I have live streaming enabled, and have tried it successfully on both platforms previously.

Hey @umusiccollective,

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Hi, I have the same problem. have you found a solution?

Please share with me at

Thank you.

Chiming in if the solution could be posted here, since this is the only thread that comes up when searching for Facebook Live Zoom Integration error.

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Hey @cadeinovasi, @lpomper,

Please see the support doc here:

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I tried to go live through facebook by using zoom. Facebook will not allow me. I have the feature turned on in the “web & apps setting” can someone help me.

Tommy I took all these steps and am having issues with facebook authenticating.

I had same problem a few days ago and When I tried the custom upload
By inserting a stream key and a url manually, I was able to upload transmit live on YouTube

Hey @phacesdadzie, @myron,

Looks like the Facebook livestream had an outage over the weekend:

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I’m having this same issue today. Has anyone had any luck? Was not able to keep a stream live for more than 5 minutes last week & I can’t seem to connect to the facebook publisher.

Any updates I have been trying to go live for days and its timing out. Does Zoom want us all to upgrade for assistance? Just a little gal trying o get assistance.

What about a solution on adding a stream key, how do we implement that as a possible solution?

Is there an update to this! I have spent the last 90 minutes trying ringo to Facebook live. It allows me to get to the point where I select where I want to go live, then the zoom to Facebook live animation happens and then a dark screen with a spinning wheel.

I had 3 lives scheduled today and can’t make them happen.

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Is it still out? I can’t get on.

I’ve been having the same problem trying to go live on Facebook since this morning. Once it opens Facebook it stays in loop on a black screen. I have 4 more events to stream this week so I’m really worried.

Please if you solve this issue let us know

So I don’t know what I did but I logged out again fully and quit zoom on the desktop. Did a test and it got me to live. I did that before and it didn’t work. Possible it was a temporary glitch?

I uninstalled Zoom desktop app and reinstalled it again. I still have th esame issue.

I’ve tried over and over again… Zoom can’t connect to Facebook Live. I uninstalled the desktop app twice and reinstalled it back. I also tried login out and back in and nothing… restarted the computer twice… I have many events on Zoom this week. I just don’t know what else to do. I’m completely frustrated.

Same problem in here today, also on youtube.

Just tested and worked with firefox.

But on the other day it was working with chrome :man_shrugging: